72 Inch Wooden Worktop Metal Storage Cabinet Steel Tool Box

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A assembled wooden box, including a box box square structure, the box box is composed of a side plate, cover plate, the number of the side plate is four pieces, four pieces of side plate splicing each other to form a square box body, the square box body is provided with a corner fixing; The corner fixing member is a right Angle structure, which consists of two mutually vertical clamping part and fixed on the clamping part of the nail part; The corners of the two adjacent side plates located at the same vertex Angle are clamped in the clamped part respectively; The number of the cover plate is two, the buckle cover on the two box mouth of the square box body, and the nail connection part. All side plates, top plate and bottom plate of the body of the wooden box are fixedly connected through corner fixers. The wooden box of the utility model is easy to assemble and disassemble, thus solving the technical problems that the traditional wooden box is not easy to assemble and disassemble. Frame wooden case is a large wooden case, the maximum weight and maximum size of its contents are determined according to the usual transport conditions. Generally speaking, the frame wooden case in the foreign 12m below, the width of 3.5m below, the height of 3.5m below, the weight of the contents in 500-20000kg. This kind of wooden case is mainly used to pack large mechanical products, but also can be used to pack small cargoes. Frame wooden cases are also composed of base, side, end face and top cover. Compared with sliding wooden packing boxes, they are different in structure: frame wooden box board for vertical board: frame wooden box board outside, the skeleton is all arranged in the box; Frame wooden box assembly will be the first two sides installed on the base and two sides, and finally binding top cover; Both are based on the base to load, but the frame wooden case than the sliding wooden case in the end face and side also more frame structure, it is because of these frame structure, the frame wooden case than the sliding wooden case can withstand the load is much larger.

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