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Wooden packing is as an important link of transportation, with the development of science and technology wuxi wooden box is also developing rapidly. Because wooden box is strong, simple process, simple installation, beautiful appearance, reliable performance, recyclable, more suitable for the transportation of industrial products packaging, so it is widely used in the packaging industry, Wuxi wooden box packaging is the most common one of wooden packaging containers. Wooden cases with its simple production, high strength, good hardness, light weight, good durability, convenient material, durable not bad, elastic, price is a certain advantage in the packaging industry, convenient for the packing and fixing of mechanical products, and can be directly lifted after the packing. Wooden cases can better protect your products, packaging only manual splicing up, Wuxi wooden case is a good choice. Packed in wooden cases Wooden box packaging in the loading and unloading process also has great flexibility, in order to facilitate forklift operation, the bottom of the wooden box has very standard forklift position, in the goods transport loading and unloading can protect your equipment. At the same time, the wooden cases can be printed with graphic text to enhance the company image and easy to understand the goods. It can not only pack single navigation products in wooden cases, but also can pack commodities in different batches, which reflects the flexibility of quantity. Packed in wooden cases Wooden cases are made of plants, and can be recycled after use, wooden cases can also be used many times, discarded wooden cases can also be made into cartons and so on, and the use time of wooden cases is longer, custom wooden cases are faster.

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