Virosa 50 Pound Playing Cards 24K Carat Gold Plated Poker Cards Includes Deluxe Wooden Gift Box Ideal for Family and Magic Party Game

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Steel box, also known as steel box, steel box, galvanized steel box. Wooden cases made of plywood (usually 7mm, 9mm, 12mm, 15mm, 18mm thick) and steel bands can be disassembled for easy transportation. Detachable steel belt pressing machine, convenient transportation, beautiful appearance, stable and durable after pressing, can be exported to China, especially export, without inspection and quarantine, can be directly exported, the most characteristic is steel belt wooden box it is fully sealed, suitable for precision instruments, valuable electronic and electrical, telecommunications equipment and pharmaceutical industry, etc., And cost-effective general sterilized wooden cases and general structural plywood wooden cases are more competitive. Qingyuan Huikang wood processing factory specializes in the production of warehouse facilities, logistics equipment, packaging materials, such as wood products: processing and customization of all kinds of wooden pallets (also known as shovel board, card board, pad warehouse board, stack board, fork board, warehouse board, pallets), all kinds of wooden packing boxes, wooden enclosures, etc. Free fumigation packaging: processing custom free fumigation tray, plywood tray, plywood packing box, removable reusable multi-layer board box, etc. Wood packing box has the characteristics of slow release, can be long-term effective plant resin coating and antioxidant properties, so that the anti-corrosion and anti-moth components contained in the inside can be protected, and has the characteristics of slow release, so the plant alkaloids contained in the inside can inhibit the growth of trichoderma and kill termites, wasps and other insects can be long-term effective. Packed in wooden cases And the fumigation-free wooden packing box is made of natural wood as raw material. Advantages: high accuracy, not easy to deform, reinforced with high-strength screws, no nails, good firmness; Its products have smooth surface, no fumigation, no commodity inspection, high load, waterproof and non-toxic, and can carry any export products. Its appearance and performance are much better than that of natural wood packaging

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