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The utility model relates to a collapsible packaging wooden case, which relates to the field of packaging equipment. The fold-down packaging wooden box, including placing base, described to place the base opened side plate is placed at the top of the groove, described in the side panel placed at the bottom of tank wall fixed connection with the first axis, as described in the first rotating shaft seat away from the side panel placed on one side of the tank wall by rotating shaft connected with the first side plate placement, as described in the first place side plate through the top of the hinge activities connected with the second side The surface placing plate, the top of the second side placing plate is movably connected with a second rotating shaft seat through a rotating shaft. The folding packaging wooden box, by setting the connection piece and the first front baffle, the second front baffle between cooperate, let the first front baffle and the second front baffle can be placed in the top of the roof by folding, let users can be placed in the equipment, equipment can be folded, place the space needed to reduce equipment. Wooden cases are widely used in food, industrial goods and other packaging field, the current use of wooden cases, most of them are disposable, serious waste of wood. The boards are connected with nails, which are neither firm nor convenient. There are also reusable wooden boxes, which are used to remove the nails with nail tongs, and the box board is packed and transported; When used twice, it is connected with nails. The labor intensity is large and the board is easy to be damaged, which makes it impossible to reuse Frame wooden cases can be divided into class ⅰ according to the structure (inner frame wooden cases) : frame members in the inner side of the box board, suitable for general contents; Class ⅱ (outer frame wooden case) : frame structure on the outside of the board, suitable for the length of the whole, and has enough rigidity of the contents. The basic requirements of its design take into account the commonly expected conditions of circulation such as transportation, handling and storage.

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